Birthday boy Ram trending on Social media 


Energetic star Ram Pothuneni is trending is the social media since few weeks. Ram got back into the game with massive success of his earlier movie ‘Ismart Shankar’ under Puri Jaganadth’s direction. We can say that ‘Ismart Shankar’ has boosted the lives of both Puri and Ram. Since then he has got a good amount of mass following. Ram, being a promising hero, came up with the movie ‘Red’. Remake of a super hit Tamil movie ‘Tandam’.

The whole ‘Red’ unit is busy with the promotions of this movie. And the results are also high. Every song and video related to ‘Red’ released on social media is receiving a huge number of views. Similarly, on the occasion of hero Ram’s birthday, the song “Dinchak- the mass glimpse’ was released and it is the number one trending song in the You Tube. Ram is very happy with the response ‘Red’ is receiving.

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