Big B Admires RGV’s New Work

Ram Gopal Varma, a top-notch director of horror movies, lately took a ride of controversies. But he never stopped his thirst for contemporary issues. RGV is known for showing the raw reality without any tint in it. This is one of the reasons for him to be the king of controversies.

We all know that Varma is totally concentrating on Corona virus and the consequences people are suffering. He has made a song ‘Devudu chesina Corona’ on the current situation to showcase his agony. And now he come out with a movie named ‘Corona Virus’. It maybe the first film documented based on present horrifying situation in the whole world. And it’s trailer is drifting in the Internet lately.

Moreover, RGV’s ‘Corona Virus’ has was appreciated by his old friend, Big B Amitab Bachchan on social media. When the whole world is worried to get out of their houses, this Maverick director had made a movie on the horror itself with following all the lockdown rules. Isn’t that great?

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