Bheeshma director upset with TSRTC?

Piracy has become a dangerous weapon for cinema. Many campaigns were done to eradicate this and before any movie starts, a disclaimer is made regarding the same.

Latest movie which became prey for Piracy is ‘Bheeshma’. It has just been a week since the movie released and is well received by the audience. In this happy mood, someone has already made a piracy copy of this movie and it is being played in the buses. Interesting part is, the bus is of TSRTC.

This came to the notice of director through twitter via a fan who posted pictures of the bus. This angered and upset-ted Venky Kudumula and he has made a request to Honorable Minister KTR to look into this matter and said added that “We put lot of efforts n money in making films, pls don’t do this to any movie.. Thanks to the people who posted this.”

Argh, this is not the first time this has happened, many movies were victims of this Danger.

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