‘Bharatanatyam’ Is Very Fresh : Director KVR Mahendra

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Surya Teja’s debut movie is ‘Bharatanatyam’. Directed by KVR Mahendra of Dorasani fame. Produced by Payal Saraf under PR Films banner. Meenakshi Goswami is the heroine. The promotional content of this movie which has already been released has created a good buzz. It will release on April 5 as a summer treat. In the background, director KVR Mahendra shared the features of the film in a press conference.

The reason for the slight gap after ‘Dorasani’? How did ‘Bharatanatyam’ start?
– After ‘Dorasani’ we thought of a crime drama with a famous hero. We have also started the script. Corona started while the script was going on. Naturally everything stopped due to Corona. At the same time, due to some reasons, the project went on hold. After that Surya Teja came up with the idea of ​​’Bharatanatyam’ while working on another script. It felt very good. It also took about twenty months to script.

Did the movie ‘Dorasani’ give you as much satisfaction as you thought?
-The movie ‘Dorasani’ got an amazing response from the audience. You can do many movies but Doras has a special place. It gave me satisfaction as a director.

Everything that was not done in ‘Dorasani’ seems to be done in ‘Bharatanatyam’?
-Dorasani is an organic periodic poetic love story. Definitely a movie that sticks to some. Bharatanatyam has no such boundaries. It has all the elements needed to entertain the audience. Also the experience from Dorasani also helped. Also, many good actors have appeared in it. It is not a hero and heroine story. Viva Harsha, Harsha Vardhan, Ajay Ghosh, Temper Vamsi all played different roles from the previous films. After watching this movie, new type of roles will be written for the actors. Viva Harsha broke out. Ajay Ghosh has increased the scale of the film. A character like Salim Fake cannot be imagined. The movie got a fresh look with new characters. I enjoyed this journey very much. The movie is very fresh. It does not seem to be done anywhere with a new hero and heroine. There will be a lot of drama. There is good conflict. The situations faced by the characters make the audience laugh. Dark comedy is hilarious. Despite all the characters, their goal is the same. They revolve around that target like the axle of a wheel.

The reason for naming the crime comedy ‘Bharatanatyam’?
– ‘Bharatanatyam’ is a dance form. The art of dance. But I gave that name to the crime world here. I gave this name for a good reason. That title is apt for this story. When the audience comes out after watching the movie, the justification of the title ‘Bharatanatyam’ for this story becomes clear. Bharatanatyam dance is a joy for the audience when it is performed on stage. This story also gives joy to the viewer. But not through ‘Bharatanatyam’ art form.

When Surya Teja told this story, did he ask himself to be the hero?
– He said that when he made the idea of ​​this story, he did not think that he would act as a hero. But subconsciously I felt that he is in the role of protagonist. Because a writer can go into every character. This idea was very exciting when told. I am confident that if a good screenplay can be done, it will be a project that will work out commercially brilliantly. About twenty months have been allotted for the packed screenplay.

To tell the story of ‘Bharatanatyam’ in one line?
– The line is about an assistant director who dreams of becoming a director by telling stories and is troubled by financial problems.

The reason for taking Surya as the hero of this story?
– Appt only if the hero is new to this story. Someone should appoint new ones. Surya came up with this story line. The whole world knows the story of a writer. When all that world is in him, no one can find a better option than him. He has all the information. I have to act.

What is new about this movie compared to other crime comedies?
– So far no film has come out with an element like ‘Bharatanatyam’. There is no story with such an element till now. It is very fresh. All the characters are very unique and fresh. My sensibilities and spontaneity remain, but there is a wonderful cinematic expression. There is believability.

About Vivek Sagar’s music?
-I love Vivek Sagar’s music. Very organic and fresh. Music is very important for this film. But he does not do all films. We told him the story and convinced him. Very supportive. Very good music was given. The background music is next level.

Did you see the first copy of ‘Bharatanatyam’? How did you feel?
– Very good. We cut it in a very packed two hours and four minutes. The first half is the best. The best second half. There are long sequences that make you laugh out loud.

About the producers?
– Producer Payal made the movie without any compromise. They believe that every rupee spent is being taken on screen. Everything needed for the movie has been provided. They are very happy to see the output.

Along with this movie, there are other movies like Pearlal, right?
-Audiences like movies with good content. If we have a good time, we will watch two or three movies. A movie is good entertainment in summer. Since we are coming in that slot, we are confident that the audience will love the film.

About next projects?
-Three amazing stories are ready. Stories like crime dramas. There is an idea to create a new world. I like crime drama genre.