‘Bharatanatyam’ Characters, Content Are Very Different: Producer Payal Saraf

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Surya Teja’s debut movie is ‘Bharatanatyam’. Directed by KVR Mahendra of Dorasani fame. Produced by Payal Saraf under PR Films banner. Meenakshi Goswami is the heroine. The promotional content of this movie which has already been released has created a good buzz. Producer Payal Saraf shared the features of the film in a press conference in view of its release on April 5 as a summer gift.

When did you become interested in movies?
– I was interested in doing something in the glamor industry since childhood. But I didn’t think I would become a producer. Unexpectedly, such a good opportunity came. Very good story. With such a good story, I decided to become a producer. We produced ‘Bharatanatyam’ as our first film under PR Films banner. The banner was named to combine my name and my father’s (Rushant) name.

We heard that this film was made possible by your husband Hitesh?
-Yes. Hitesh and Surya are friends in the gym. One day Surya told Hitesh the story he had. Hitesh liked the story very much. Hitesh is also interested in the film industry. They asked me to make a film. Compared to action and love stories, crime thriller comedy seems to be a safe genre, and we took a collective decision and made this film.

What attracted you to the story of ‘Bharatanatyam’?
It has many amazing actors. Viva Harsha, Harsha Vardhan, Ajay Ghosh, Salim Pheku .. all of them will be seen in different roles from the previous films. I like it a lot. In this, the content, characters and routine are different. This will be the best movie for Viva Harsha. Although the hero heroines are new, there is very good padding and content.

To tell about the story of ‘Bharatanatyam’ in one line?
A boy trying to become a director.. facing problems from financial, family and love life, accidentally fell into the world of crime and how he got out of there.

What did you learn about the film industry during this film journey?
– Learned a lot. I thought that they would shoot and release the film in theatres. No idea about actual post production. Also do not know about the challenges of shooting. I learned many things related to film making with this film.

How was it working with director KVR Mahendra?
-Mahendra is an amazing person. He gave hundred percent effort for this movie. Many things were taught in detail. The movie was shot brilliantly. I was lucky to find a director like Mahendra garu for my first film.

The reason why Surya is the hero in this story?
– While writing the story, Surya thought that it would be good if Mahendra was the director of this movie. Then the casting was decided by the director himself. While writing this story, I did not want to make Surya as the hero. But this is a story he created. Moreover, the character is as simple as the boy next door. Suriya seemed apt for this role. Newcomer needed for this role. This role suits him perfectly. Actually it is not a hero based story. All actors become part of the story.

What kind of struggles did you face as a new producer?
-Obviously it is difficult for a new producer to get an appointment. Our content is good.. It’s too hard to ask not to give it a chance. I too have faced similar difficulties. But this journey was done with the support of everyone like Surya and the director. I will earn here.. or learn.. something will happen right?! The idea was to make a movie.

Many times the budget is higher than the expected budget, isn’t it? How did you face this as a first time film producer?
-Actually we didn’t get this problem. It happened according to our plan. We completed the shooting as planned. Financially we did not get any pressure. Fortunately everything went smoothly. Everyone was very supportive.

What will be the role of Ajay Ghosh?
Ajay Ghosh’s character is superb. After the interval, he will drive the film. His character is next level from the second half.

The reason for giving the title ‘Bharatanatyam’?
The title ‘Bharatanatyam’ is apt for this story. It will make more sense after watching the movie.

Do you look like a northern girl? Do you speak Telugu well?
I am a north girl. But to be born and raised is Vanasthalipuram. Everything is known here. I can read and write Telugu.

Will you continue as a producer? Do you have an idea to become a heroine?
The construction has to continue. Loved the production of movies. If I get an opportunity as an actress, I will definitely do it. At the pre-release ceremony the other day, my father-in-law asked the director not to launch my daughter-in-law as the heroine.(Laughs). If there are opportunities to act while being a producer, I will definitely do it.

About Vivek Sagar’s music?
– We feel lucky that Vivek Sagar is doing our film. He does not do all films. They supported our film a lot. Music was given while taking special care. The music is crazy. I saw the first copy. The movie was amazing. It will surely entertain the audience. The audience will enjoy it a lot.