Balayya stern on his statement!

Everyone is aware of the fight happening between Mega brother Naga babu and Nandamuri Baalkrishna. When the Telugu film industry met the Telangana Government to take permission for resuming the shoots, it seems like Balayya was not invited to the meeting. And this senior actor took it personal and passed few disrespectful statements on TFI. This has ignited the first between Naga babu and Balayya.
Naga babu has released a video warning Hero Balakrishna to take back his words and apologise everyone. Meanwhile the fight got dirty when the fans took either sides and started diss talks on social media.
Now, Balaya released a video on YouTube refusing to do whatever Naga Babu asked for. Interesting few TFI directors like Teja and Puri are on Balayya’s side and showcasing their support on social media.
“I won’t respond to this issue and he(Nagababu) is talking about this issue and let him speak. I won’t respond to such issues. Why would I bother when the majority of the industry is supporting me” The Nata simham declared.

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