Balayya To Put A Break To His Action Movies?

Tollywood senior hero Nandamuri Bala Krishna is known for his action movies and the mass elimentes. On the top of it the new directors present in the industry are coming up with the most powerful scripts as they know the potential of this power packed hero.

But there is a change in audience taste now a days. Theyvare more interesting in the content driven movies. Not that Balayya confined him self to action movies. He has entertained people with his creative movies like Aditya 369, Bhairava dweepam and many more. He as long did the movie Sri Rama Rajyam in the recent times. But he got lot of craze for his action movies and he carried on with that genre.

The latest buzz in the T-town is that Balayya babu is putting a break to his action movies and going to concentrate on the content driven and creative movies. It is heard that Balayya has told directors to approach him with new concepts.
Let’s see what surprise will we have after Balayya’s BB3 movie.

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