Baahubali Writer Busy To Penning Down

The movies Bahubali and Bhajarangi Bhai jaan made Vijayendra Prasad a populor writer in Bollywood. When the Bahubali was released, director Rajamouli has said that there are many fascinating scripts like Bahubali piled up near Vijayendra Prasad. And after seeing his projects it is undoubtful that he is a great writer.

According to the sources the writer is now busy penning down several scripts for Bollywood movies. Some of his stories are already getting ready to hit the set after the crisis eases. Interesting, one of his stories will be introducing our very own Kangana Ranaut at a director.

On the other hand Vijayendra Prasad is planning to provide stories to few web series too. On whole, we are going to see absolutely amazing stories coming true on the big screens and digital platforms very soon.

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