Baahubali Corona Addition Goes Viral

Rajamouli’s Magnum opus Baahubali is an unforgettable movie for the Telugu audience. Actors Prabhas and Rana have put in a lot of effort in this movie as they believed in Rajamouli’s work. As a result, both the heroes got national recognition with this movie. Director Rajamouli too grabbed the world’s attention towards him with that epic. Even the range of TFI increased incredibly just because of Bahubali.

Now, how many of you remember the epic scene in the climax of Baahubali the conclusion, where both the actors stare into each other’s eyes dropped in blood? It is one of the many awesome scenes which gave Andrenaline rush to the audiences.

Now, that epic scene has remade by the Unitedsoft VFX studio and added masks to Prabhas and Dana’s faces. The video passes the message that everyone must wear a mask now a days. So, even Mahishmati wears masks amid Corona.

This video with a useful message is impressing everyone on Social media. Even director Rajamouli appreciated their work and proudly shared it in his social media handles.

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