At Last Dil Raju Is Proud Of His Decision!

It is evident that Dil Raju’s recent produced movie ‘V’ has received an average talk from the critics and the audience. The remarke is that the screenplay could have been a bit better. So, it is once again the actors who got appreciations for thier wonderful performance dispite the dissatisfaction with the movie overall.

On the other hand the producer still landed in profits just because it was an OTT release. We all know that the team ‘V’ was very hesitant to go for a digital release like the small movies are odoing in this crisis time. Even Dil Raju took lot of time to join hands with Amazon Prime. After a long suspense, the producer sold the movie the OTT giant for 46 crores while he spent 36 crores for the movie overall. So, the perfect businessman Dil Raju ended up in 10 crores profit.

The experts say that, the team played safe just because it was an OTT release. It wouldn’t have got so much money if it was a theatrical release.

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