Anasuya’s Solid Answer To A Netizen!

One of the highest-paid television anchors Anasuya gave a rude reply to a netizen who commented sarcastically to one of her posts. Even though the person apologized for his act, Anasuya couldn’t calm herself down. Anasuya posted one of her pictures in a Half-Saree on Instagram. The netizen posted on his Instagram story a meme about this picture saying “You assume yourself to be Samantha from the film ‘A Aa’?”

To which Anasuya replied on her Instagram story “You have misunderstood, they called me Anasuya..”. Immediately to which the netizen replied, “Sorry madam, I was just kidding around, Please take it in a lite way, ma’am.” Yet after apologizing Anasuya said “I can see that you are indeed ‘kid’ ding! Wishing you grow up soon!!” She uploaded the entire backlash on her Instagram story.
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