Anasuya Has No Time For This Show

Anasuya Bharadwaj is one of the leading anchors in the TV industry. Lately she is busy being a superb actor in T-town too. She is a person who takes up challenging programmes and do great in it. But according to the sources, she has rejected one of the exciting offers in the Tv.

It is said that Anu has turned down the offer from the most TRP rated show Big Boss. Yes, it is true that Big boss had three successful seasons and getting ready for the fourth season. And, they have offered Anasuya to be one of the contestants in the Big House. But it was a big no from Anu. It is one of the renowned shows with a huge prise money. But she said she could not stay away from her family for so long. Let us see if Big Boss would take a no from her.

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