Ajay Devgan To Launch His Daughter

We see many star actors’ children coming into the same field and bring good name for them and their parents. But sometimes, this opportunity is being misused and the talentless products of nepotism are being rubbed on the audience. And this is the current issue Bollywood facing as there are many products of nepotism and people are pointing it out.

In all this havoc, there is one genuine case right now. The daughter of Bollywood star hero Ajay Devgan and heroine Kajol, Nysa is making her debut soon. Generally star kids like her will be expected to be launched by the film maker Karan Johar. But Nysa is here to test her luck on her own.

According to the sources, Nysa will be debuting in a Kollywood movie ‘Doctor’. She is not even doing as a main lead in the movie. Her role is still a crucial one for the movie though. This movie will be directed by Shiva Karthikeyan.

In the times where everyone wants to opt for easy success, the Netizens are appreciating Nysa Devgan’s decision to stand on her own feet though she has sufficient background.

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