Actor Mohan Babu Is Under Threat

Dialogue King Mohan babu is staying in Gollapalli house, Shamshabad to stay safe from the Corona virus. But Mohan babu is right now in a difficult situation as he is under threat presently.

According to the sources, an unknown Innova car, AP 31 AN 0004 has busted into the actor’s house on Saturday at 4 pm. Immediately, four miscreants got down the car to warn Mohan babu saying ‘We won’t spare you’. This is a very odd thing to happen. The watchman being new to the post couldn’t stop the Innova come in but he spontaneously passed this message to the Manchu family members and gathered them.

The actor immediately brought the incident to the notice of the police and filed a complaint in the Pahadishareef police station.

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