Abhishek Pictures Production No 9 Title Announcement

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Abhishek Pictures is one of the popular production houses in Tollywood who always come up with exciting concepts. The production banner announced their production no. 9. The film’s announcement poster which shows the fierce Aghora walking ferociously, whereas the universe is an imaginary one that sees skulls, fire, and ice mountains, spellbinds us.

It is evident through the poster that the yet-to-be-titled flick has spiritual elements. Swarami Narayanan Thathwamavyayam can be read on the poster which means I remember the inexhaustible Narayana element.

The title announcement of the movie being made on a grand scale with a larger-than-life story will be unveiled on the 9th of this month, on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi. More details of the movie are awaited.

Abhishek Pictures Production Number 9 Title Announcement On April 9 Ugadi- Pre Look Poster Spell Binds

One of the leading production houses in Tollywood, Abhishek Pictures always comes up with exciting concepts. Production banner their production no. 9 has been announced. The announcement poster of the movie shows Aghoras running ferociously. Featuring skulls, fire, snow mountains and the universe, this poster is mesmerizing.

It seems from the poster that this movie has spiritual elements. It is very interesting to write Smarami Narayanan Tattvamaviyam on the poster.

The title of this movie, which is being made on a large scale with a larger than life story, will be announced on the occasion of Ugadi on the 9th of this month. The makers will announce more details about the movie soon.