A Horse made Varun Tej scared!!

It was Mega Prince Varun Tej’s turn yesterday to take some questions from his amazing fans. The quarantine is making the actors/actresses connect with their lovely audience. We were so amazed looking at some of Varun’s replies, as they were on point and witty.

The interesting news we found from his Q/A is that, this man is a huge batman fan and nothing else beats batman. His favorite Bollywood actor is Shah Rukh Khan and currently he is utilizing most of his time by training for boxing.
Can you imagine this huge personality being scared of something? Haha, well he is still scared of his father and horses. Horses because, he fell down from an horse when he went training with Ram Charan. But ever since that incident he has ever gone that side again.
You know what else he is doing in this quarantine? He is taking guitar classes online!! Just like his favorite actor Shah Rukh, seems like he too is getting ready to be a charmer!!
You have to look at his twitter for more quirky answers from this man.. you will enjoy!!

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