A Fan’s Tribute To Kamal Haasan

The Twitter is getting busted by one of the Kamal Haasan’s biggest fans, a tamil Radio jockey, Ashwin Kumar’s tribute video. Fans always choose the crazy and creative ways to show their love for their favorite actors.

Ashwin Kumar being a fan of Kamal Haasan decided to make a tribute dance video on the famous song Anaatheadurar to the actor from the movie Apoorva Sodarulu.

The speciality of this video is Ashwin danced on a treadmill. He even dressed up like Kamal in that song and mimiced his style. His tribute has won the hearts of Netizens and right now trending on the social media.

Ashwin has become a celebraty as he was a contestant in the Big boss. He mentioned that this tribute is the beginning for a lot of entertainment. There are lot more dances coming.

Well, for now check out this most impressive dance tribute to Kamal.

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