69 mins trailer of RGV’s Naked

RGV,s Naked Nagna Nagaram (#NNN)

The controversial director Ram Gopal Varma, after his success with releasing the movie Climax in the RGVworldTheatres in ShreyasET app he is up with another movie Naked Nagna Nagaram (#NNN). Apparently even this movie will be available in his RGVworldTheatres to entertain his fans.

RGV is making news again with the new experiments he did. He decided to release a trailer of the movie NNN which lasts for 69 minutes which is almost the length of a traditional telugu cinema. The traditional trailers at least last for 2.5 minutes which includes the introduction of the production house and the motion title of the movie too. But the maverick director always wants to do something different.

He has already made a movie ‘Climax’ with an adult star Mia Malkova and now trailer of His NNN too is seductive.
Anyhow, he received a great response from his fans on social media as soon as the trailer released.

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