5cr Set Getting Ready For Prabhas 20

The Young Rebel Star Prabhas fans are eagerly waiting for a good hit as the Herb’s last movie Saaho is not that satisfactory. Now, the ongoing project of Radhakrishna, the Prabhas20 is the new hope for the hero to revive from Saaho failure.

Director Radhakrishna is setting up the hopes high with every decision he is taking for the movie. The recent buzz on the internet is that the team is planning for a rich hospital set worth of 5 crore rupees. The set will include an ICU, a general ward and a Doctor’s office. It is heard that the team will have a one month shooting schedule over there.

The director is planning to resume the shoots in August. According to the sources the movie completed half of the shooting and planning to wrap the other very soon.

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