What Did The ‘The Moon’ Say To DSP..!

Tollywood Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad claims that the moon spoke with him last night. we all watch the beautiful moon. In fact, we watch him every night, did he speak to you any time?

Devi released a short video with a touching message about the Corona Pandemic today. He shot this video to spread positivity and bring a little hope in the people who are sick of this lockdown and epidemic already. Well, whatever DSP does works like a magic. Be it his songs or his challenges on Social media. Recently he accepted ‘#TheRealMan’ challenge which is still trending in Social media. The celeb who accepts this challenge should tape themselves doing all the household work and post it. Many big heroes like Chiranjeevi, Vijay Deverakonda and many other Tollywood celebs have done this challenge, but DSP got a great response on his video. Even Kamal Haasan personally called him and appreciated his work. This is all because he dedicated his ‘The Real Man’ video to every mother does all the household work everyday without expecting any credit for it. Maybe it is that personal touch that he gives with his pure heart that makes his work so unique.

Today, DSP has posted a short video ‘The Moon’ both shot and edited by him itself. Do you want to know sweet that video would be?

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