Ram Gopal varma with Lakshmi Manchu!

This evening, two strong personalities are coming together! Yes, the most controversial director, the Thugh life star is sitting for an interview with the Gutsy Lakshmi Manchu. They are going live on Lakshmi’s Instagram today at 5 pm to talk on the future of cinemas. How exciting is that!

Keeping Vamra’s controversies aside, he is one of the most experienced directors in the industry. He has given super hits like Shiva, Ratri, Gulabi and many more. Lakshmi on the other side hand is a fantabulous actor. She also has produced ample of movies. she has a great knowledge not only on Tollywood but also Hollywood.

Now, what these experts have to talk about the future of Cinema. Everybody has an idea how film industry is suffering. The shoots are halted, and god knows when this lockdown ends. Are these the topics that will be discussed in their heated chat?

Let’s find out at 5 pm this eve.

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